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Science and technology attaché network

The international scientific relations of Hungary are also managed and developed by delegated Science and Technology attachés. They support the international and European integration of the Hungarian S&T community by acquiring and disseminating information and by building connections between institutions.

Currently there are S&T attachés at the Hungarian Embassies in the following 9 cities: Beijing, Berlin, Brussels (for the S&T relations with the EU Commission), London, Moscow, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

The attaché network is jointly operated by the National Innovation Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The networks costs are covered by the National Innovation Office. Attachés are selected by open tender.

The basic tasks of the S&T attachés are

  • to monitor and to analyse the science and technology policy and the international relations of the host country, thereby contributing to the formulation of the Hungarian R&D policy; to prepare reports on significant S&T policies and developments in host country;
  • to give information in the host country about the Hunagrian R&D policy, its implementation and opportunities for cooperation; to identify scientific and technological areas of mutual interest to both countries which are suitable for bilateral collaboration; to explore new areas for S&T cooperation and exchanges;
  • to assist Hungarian R&D institutions and organisations in establising contacts;
  • to represent Hungary at scientific and technological meetings and similar activities; to serve as coordinator for significant S&T visits and missions.

Please contact the S&T attachés through the Unit of International Affairs:

National Innovation Office
Department of International Affairs
Phone:+36 1 484 2892
Fax: + 36 1 266 0801

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