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Resources for Research, developmentand innovation (R&D, I)

Structural Funds

The Structural Funds are the main financial instruments of EU regional policy. Hungary is benefiting from financial sources of the Structural Funds through the pre-accession programs since 1989. However, after officially joining the Union on May 2004, Hungary has gained the right to directly partake of the various Structural Funds.

In Hungary, it is the National Development Agency, which is responsible for the duties concerning

  • the domestic realization of the European Union's structural and cohesion policies;
  • the absorption of the financial support provided by the European Union in a scope defined by the Government;
  • the management of institutional system established for the use of the funds.

Out of the programs of the New Hungary Development Plan (NHDP) – that is, the Second National Development Plan – the Economic Development Operational Program contributes the most directly to the achievement of the growth target because its main objective is the promotion of the Hungarian economy’s growth by strengthening the competitiveness of the productive sector.

The Research and Technology Innovation Fund (KTIA)

The Research and Technology Innovation Fund (KTIA) is a computable and secure source for the encouragement and support of the Hungarian economy’s technological innovation, allowing

  • the strengthening of research and development processes utilized in other parts of the economy and social life;
  • the utilization of domestic and foreign research results;
  • the development of innovation infrastructures and related activity-services.

The management of funds for R&D, I – in regards of both the Economic Development Operational Program (GOP), co-financed by the EU Structural Funds, and the Research and Technology Innovation Fund (KTIA) – is the responsibility of the Ministry of National Development, while the related operational tasks are carried out by the Hungarian Economic Development (SEED) Ltd.

The comprehensive information of available resources and open calls can be found on the website

OTKA (National Scientific Research Fund)

The OTKA appropriation is meant to support – via an open tender system – the scientific researches, the requirements necessary for their completion and the publications of their results. As a result of OTKA’s contribution, the recognition of new scientific laws and the elaboration of knowledge, methods and procedures are expected.

OTKA appropriation may be used for the improvement of infrastructure facilitating of the creation of these scientific results.

Current Calls:

International cooperation projects (DD) - Continuous submission

The project’s aim is to support basic researches that are based on international cooperation and promising outstanding results.

The general conditions of tendering: the applications for tender shall be sent simultaneously to

  • OTKA in the case of Hungarian researcher; and
  • to the research funds of the respective country(ies) in the case of foreign co-applicant(s).

The Hungarian applicant applying to OTKA, at the time of the submission of the application shall posses a PhD (degree) and must be linked to a Hungarian research center. An application is only eligible for support if the co-application is supported by both OTKA and the research funds of the respective country(ies) at the same time. The official confirmation on the foreign party’s eligibility for grant must arrive to OTKA within 9 month of the date of submission of the Hungarian application.

Allowances to apply for: a grant awarded is mainly meant to cover costs concerning the cooperation and joint research. In addition, the following costs can also be planned:

  • employment of PhD students, postdocs and PhD candidates;
  • procurement of small instruments, equipment, research tools;
  • presentation of the results of the research at conferences.

The amount of support available for supporting NN types of applications depends on OTKA’s yearly budget.

Publication of proposals (PUB) - Continuous submission

Aim: The clear description of results of the research projects supported by OTKA; the assurance of additional costs necessary for the publication of outstanding scientific results; furthermore, the supporting of the communication of source-books by subsequent financing in three tendering categories.

Categories of support:

  • Popular science (PUB-I)
  • Edition of Academic Book PUB (K)
  • Publication of Academic Source (PUB-F)

For more information:

Updated: March 31, 2014
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